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Eve Limestone

Eve Limestone exhibits the movement that natural stone should. The movement and fossilisation in this stone is breathtaking. Softly tumbled, the finish provides a soft patina underfoot. A beautiful choice of natural stone for the home that appreciates the characteristics.

Ava Limestone

Ava Limestone has been sandblasted and tumbled, the finish provides a soft patina underfoot. This limestone exhibits natural movement throughout with grey veining. A beautiful choice of natural stone.

Grecian Crazy Paving

Grecian Crazy Paving is a highly durable, split-faced and irregularly shaped product. The mix of warm greys makes this palette perfect for the Australian market. Its irregular shape and smaller pieces make it a perfect choice for curved spaces. Pool… Read More ›

Obsidian Bluestone Crazy Paving

Our Bluestone Crazy Paving combines warm grey and cool blue tones with irregularly shaped pieces. A sawn back and surface achieves a high consistency in thickness, making bluestone a time-effective Crazy Paving option for installation while still achieving high slip… Read More ›