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Grecian Round Stepper

Grecian Organic Steppers are highly durable, split-faced and hand-shaped product cut from Kavalas Slate. The mix of warm greys makes this palette perfect for the Australian market. Use these to create singular steppers or group them to provide a more… Read More ›

Obsidian Bluestone Organic Stepper

Obsidian Bluestone has been and will be a material that suits all types of designs due to its classic colour palette, one in which us South Australians love to use – Grey! The monochromatic tones of charcoal suit all projects… Read More ›

Osmond Limestone

A rich warm caramel coloured limestone. This natural stone by Tumbled shows characteristics of veining and fossilisation. The distressed finish is then softened by tumbling the natural stone tile to provide a finish that is pleasing to walk on. Visually… Read More ›