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Sourcing Natural Stone & How you maybe effected

As the industry gets busier and more people are building and renovating,  I thought it would be fitting to provide some insights to availability and the shipping times. Currently there are a few issues happening in the world.

1. Increased demand in Natural products
2. Increased demand on Shipping these products world wide
3. Demand = Shortage & Longer than normal delays – Why?

1. There is a shortage of shipping containers and the machinery to load orders to receive in a timely manner.
2. Shipping Companies have the monopoly, we need them, we need to bring orders to Australia, so shipping costs have increased up to 300%.
2. You would think the shipping companies should make more containers and more machinery to make it quicker and more economical to import. But why not?

So now we have COVID to contend with.

Being in Australia is extremely fortunate to us all, being in Egypt or Turkey is not! Availability to vaccine and health care isn’t as easy as booking an appointment online and receiving health care.
So this then reduces the amount of healthy workers to cut the stone into tiles. So production time takes a hit, this then creates a domino effect.

My only advice is place orders 16-18 weeks in advance, not 2 weeks as you will most likely be disappointed. Proper planning and scheduling will allow Tumbled to supply your stone.

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