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Ashwood Limestone

Ashwood Limestone Custom Format. Atelier Bond Design, Little Build Co - Build, Tectonic Tiling - Installation. Photography by David Sievers Photography
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  • Slip Rating Slip Rating
  • Low Heat Absorbtion Low Heat Absorbtion
  • Outdoor Outdoor
  • Indoor Indoor
  • Sealing Recommended Sealing Recommended
  • Pool Safe Pool Safe

A warm grey coloured limestone. This natural stone by Tumbled, shows subtle characteristics of veining and fossilisation. The bush hammered finish provides a monochromatic colour, it is then softened by tumbling the natural stone tile to provide a finish that feels nice to walk on. Visually this natural stone has a deeper texture that provides a finish that suits an external application. We would also recommend this as an internal application that requires a more robust finish.

Key features:

  • Tumbled edge
  • High slip resistance
  • High density
  • Can be submerged
  • Stays cool in direct sunlight
  • Custom sizes available upon request

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Edge Finish
  • Tile


  • Tumbled Edge Tile Tumbled Edge
  • Pencil Round Tile Pencil Round
  • Bullnose Coping Tile Bullnose Coping
  • Rebated Coping Tile Rebated Coping
These images show product shape and are not necessarily to scale.

Please understand the possibility there may be variation in colour and finish of the product supplied by Tumbled. Natural stone can vary between batches; the stone may be of a slightly different colour compared to the sample. The change will not be dramatic, but should be expected. We love that each project we supply has a unique look.

Sealing natural stone either prior to or at the commencement of installation is recommended. Using a high-quality water-based sealer that has a 10-15 year lifespan before reapplication is the best investment for the long-term maintenance and protection for your natural stone. From experience, Tumbled recommends Actichem or Aquamix, however there may be newer products on the market. We always recommend testing a cut sample of the stone prior to application, this will allow you to understand how the sealer will perform. The main aim is to have repellency of liquids with minimal colour change in the stone.

Please note, these are recommendations and should be used as a guide only. Always seek professional advice.

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