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Shell Limestone Sawn Mosaic Cladding

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  • Low Heat Absorbtion Low Heat Absorbtion
  • Outdoor Outdoor
  • Indoor Indoor
  • Sealing Recommended Sealing Recommended
  • Pool Safe Pool Safe

Mosaic Cladding is fragmented pieces of limestone to the thickness as indicated supplied in pieces from dimension cut tiles to fist size at 35mm thickness. Shaping to fit is required by the installer and can be achieved with a small axe chipping at the side of the stone or using a small angle grinder. It can be laid with a tight or mortared joint. Corners vary in height and length, trimming will be required to shape the stone to fit the format of the lay. The thickness of the corners matches that of the laid stone. Shell Limestone is a light cream stone with consistent and even textures throughout. Rich with fossilised marine material, each stone reflecting its own unique identity. The surface of the stone face may have saw cut marks evident that can be removed by sanding or grinding if required.

Australian Limestone supplied by our friends at Limestone Australia.

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