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Shell Limestone Cottage Stone

Shell Limestone Splitface Cottage
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  • Low Heat Absorbtion Low Heat Absorbtion
  • Outdoor Outdoor
  • Indoor Indoor
  • Sealing Recommended Sealing Recommended
  • Pool Safe Pool Safe

The Cottage Stone is a cladding with softened tumbled edges and optional face textures – either sawn and tumbled or splitface. The split version in Shell can be supplied with squared or tumbled edges and face as requested. A light cream stone with consistent and even textures throughout. Rich with fossilised marine material, each stone reflecting its own unique identity. Supplied in heights of 50, 100, 150 and 200 mm allows it to be laid with a dry joint in a random format or in coursed heights with or without mortar. The random lengths of the pieces add to its informal and rustic character. By rotating some of the stones it can also be laid in a random format with mortar joints. Corners vary in height and length, trimming will be required to shape the stone to fit the format of the lay. The thickness of the corners matches that of the laid stone.

Australian Limestone supplied by our friends at Limestone Australia.

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Edge Finish
  • Tile


  • Tumbled Edge Tile Tumbled Edge
  • Split Face, Sawn Back Spilt Face, Sawn Back
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