Flooring Silver Travertine for floors

Silver Travertine for floors

Stone colour: A mixture of cream, grey and brown
Tile edges: Tumbled
Silver travertine tile size options: 305 x 75 x 12mm, 406 x 406 x 12mm, 610 x 406 x 12mm, 610 x 610 x 12mm
Silver travertine paver size options: 406 x 406 x 30mm, 610 x 406 x 30mm, 610 x 610 x 30mm
French pattern: 12mm, 30mm
Cobbles: 203 x 100 x 30mm, 100 x 100 x 30mm
Lead time: Typically Instock
Customisation: Available on application

Whether you’re renovating a heritage build or working on a new design project, our silver travertine tiles are a timeless choice for any aesthetic.

A form of limestone, travertine can be found in mineral spring deposits. This particular silver travertine is quarried in Turkey – one of the world’s most renowned destinations for premium silver travertine.

Our silver travertine tiles and pavers boast a versatile palette of grey, brown, and cream hues.
Each piece showcases a natural variance in its surface texture, adding design intrigue to both outdoor and indoor spaces.

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