Stone maintenance

Here’s everything you need to know about installing and taking care of your timeless textures as they evolve over their lifetime.

How to achieve a seamless stone installation

Allow for wastage in your order

Before you place your order, it’s important to discuss wastage with your stonemason. As a guide, we suggest 10-15% for tiles – and even more if you’ve ordered a custom product size. If you’ve chosen a walling product, we suggest 15% for grouted joints and 25% for dry-laid walls to allow for cutting and shaping on site.

Count in your corner pieces

We sell our corner pieces by the lineal metre. One lineal metre equals approximately 0.3m2 of wall cladding, so keep this in mind when confirming your order.

Create a stonework pattern

We suggest that your stonemason unpacks each crate of stone and uses the mix of the sizes supplied to create their stonework pattern. We don’t exchange smaller pieces for larger pieces.

Consider your grout

You can choose between a contrasting or tonal colour for the grout. If you’re unsure, ask your designer for their recommendation, and consider any lifestyle factors that may impact maintenance.

Byron walling clads a fireplace in a palette of cream, toffee and light grey. The home is modern with polished concrete floors and the walls are white with one feature wall cladded with slatted teal timber.
Charcoal bluestone paver featuring heavy cat’s paw markings. These pits are created naturally during the rock’s formation.

Sealing and cleaning your natural stone

Sealing your natural stone is the best way to keep your stonework in pristine condition – plus, it makes cleaning a breeze. We’ve developed a guide to choosing the right sealant for your stone, and included the best tips for cleaning some of the most common stains we see using our most trusted Actichem products

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