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Raymond Limestone

Raymond is a warm grey coloured limestone. This natural stone by Tumbled, shows subtle characteristics of veining and fossilisation. The  finish provides a monochromatic colour, it is then softened by tumbling the natural stone tile to provide a finish that… Read More ›

Freestone Limestone Walling

Subtle colour variations are an inherent property of limestone which ensures every build is unique. Warm in winter and cool in summer natural limestone is perfect for the Australian environment. Freestone Walling is supplied by Limestone Australia, who source quality… Read More ›

Everest Irregular Walling

Everest Walling is a white based quartzite with veins of light grey. Irregular Sizes, also available in external corners. A striking walling for Internal or External use.

Iluka Random Ashlar Walling

Natural Sandstone Walling & External Corners with a Split surface and edges. Pair with a matching capping Random square and rectangular pieces for modular appearance. Can be installed as dry-stacked or with grout joints Suitable for both external and internal… Read More ›

Beau Irregular Walling

Beau Walling is soft neutral natural stone with a touch of warmth. Irregular Sizes, also available in external corners.

Grecian Modular Pattern Paving

Grecian Modular Patterned Flooring is a highly durable, split-faced product cut from Kavalas Slate in Greece. The mix of warm greys makes this palette perfect for the Australian market.

Eve Limestone

Eve Limestone exhibits the movement that natural stone should. The movement and fossilisation in this stone is breathtaking. Softly tumbled, the finish provides a soft patina underfoot. A beautiful choice of natural stone for the home that appreciates the characteristics.

Somerton Irregular Walling

A Light beige & Caramel based Quartz Walling which is available in Irregular Walling pieces and external corners. A perfect colour palette for any project.The Somerton Irregular Walling is a new product for the South Australian market.

Axis White Porcelain

Axis White Porcelain reflects the characteristics of marble. It has been structurally engineered for high resistance to breaking load and stress. Made in Spain, Axis White Porcelain is an ideal tile for residential or commercial projects both internal and external.… Read More ›

Marco Irregular Walling

Marco Irregular Walling combines warm greys and dusty whites with fractal sized quartz and limestone deposits. The split face and tumbled sides highlight the individuality synonymous with natural stone. These gentle tones lend themselves to both internal and external applications,… Read More ›