Flooring Grecian Splitstone for floors

Grecian Splitstone for floors

Stone colour: Warm grey
Tile edges: Split
Tiles: Modular Pattern 20-40mm per m2
Crazy paving: 15-40mm per m2
Rounded steppers: 400mm in diameter, 30-40mm thick (By Order)
Step tread: 600 x 400 x 30-40mm per unit
Lead time: 20 weeks (unless in stock)
Customisation: Available on application
Contrasting grout colour recommendation: 111 silver grey

If you’re dreaming of the Mediterranean, our Grecian Splitstone will bring a touch of Greece to your outdoor spaces.

We source this striking organic splitstone all the way from Greece. Its warm grey tones shine through across lighter and darker pieces, tainted by mineralic elements trapped within.

Available in modular patterned tiling, slab tiles, crazy paving, steppers, and filetti, your installer can create a broad array of stonework patterns throughout your in and outdoor spaces. Plus, this range of sizes allows you to create unique yet cohesive spaces with material consistency.

Grecian Splitstone is a highly durable, split-faced natural stone tile for flooring – a dream for a client with a thirst for foreign shores.

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