Flooring Leopold Cobble for floors

Leopold Cobble for floors

Stone colour: Grey and gold tones
Tile edges: Tumbled
Tile size options: 90 x 90 x 20mm or 90 x 90 x 30mm cobble, installed on a 400 x 400 mesh mat. 90 x 90 x 30mm Loose
Lead time: 14-16 weeks (unless in stock)
Customisation: Available on application

If you want your design project’s entrance to make a statement, look no further than our Leopold cobblestones for driveways, paths and landscaping.

These versatile cobbles are modern take on traditional round cobblestone driveway pavers.

They’re perfect for areas with lots of foot or wheeled traffic and provide a smoother experience for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Composed of quartz, Leopold cobblestones exhibit a warm palette of grey and gold tones.

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