Walling Moonta Irregular Quartz for walls

Moonta Irregular Quartz for walls

Elevate your home with natural quartz – this captivating walling collection comes in an array of cream and caramel tones with streaks of gold.

The wall choice for the truly bespoke customer, Moonta Irregular Quartz emanates a calming energy with a casual elegance that calls the Hamptons to mind.

This natural stone walling is ideal for both exterior and interior walls; its striking textural features act as a point of intrigue as a standalone installation, yet its tonal palette lends itself to multiple applications throughout your residence.

At a glance

Stone colour: Gold and cream
Tile edges: Natural split
Walling: 20-40mm
Corners: 20-40mm (1 lineal metre of corners equals 0.3m2 wall facing)
Lead time: 16 weeks (unless in stock)

Sealing and cleaning

We recommend sealing all natural stone tiles.

Good to know

Wastage recommendation

It’s important to discuss the wastage amount with your installer. As a guide, we suggest 15% for grouted joints and 25% for dry laid walls to allow for cutting and shaping the stone on site.

Our installation recommendation

The installer should unpack each crate of stone and use the mix of the sizes supplied. We don’t exchange smaller pieces for larger pieces – it’s the installer’s responsibility to use all the sizes supplied to create your stonework pattern.

Looking for corner pieces?

We sell our corner pieces by the lineal metre. One lineal metre approximately equals 0.3m2 of wall cladding, so keep this in mind when confirming your order.

Our grout recommendation

You can choose between a contrasting or tonal colour for the grout. If you’re unsure, ask your designer for their recommendation, and consider any lifestyle factors that may impact maintenance.

Installing your stone without a grout joint?

We recommend an extra 15-20% for wastage so the stonemason can cut and shape the stone for butt-jointing.

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