Como Travertine for walls

This highly-pitted natural stone is destined to add character to your spaces. Como Travertine’s versatile neutral palette pairs perfectly with a range of colours and design elements both indoors and out. Travertine forms close to geothermal areas when groundwater percolates through limestone and other calcium-rich rocks. Gas bubbles become trapped during the deposition process, creating […]

Flinders Travertine Irregular for walls

Polished travertine stacked with thick cream-coloured grout. The stone features caramel, grey and beige hues. The texture is rough and features many variations.

Flinders travertine makes for a striking exterior or interior wall stone, its caramel and beige hues lend themselves to a myriad of complementary design elements. This stone walling features split and tumbled edges, which exude character with its robust texture and natural variations. Flinders can be installed dry-stacked, or grouted for a polished finish.

Amalia Irregular for walls

Tumbled Amalia Irregular cladding with a tonal grout. The stones are a warm blend of greys, browns and creams.

Amalia is a versatile internal and external stone wall cladding for everything from fireplaces to feature facades. Exhibiting subtle white veining, this natural stone cladding can be installed to form a striking stonework pattern with its eclectic sizes. Its palette is a mix of brown, grey and cream tones, making Amalia seamless to work into […]

Loft Irregular Sandstone for walls

Loft Irregular Tumbled Sandstone installed as walling on the front of a two-story house.

Loft Irregular Sandstone’s caramel tonal palette lends itself to pairings with everything from timbers to stark white surfaces. The natural stone’s soft texture offers a welcoming sense of naturalism to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. This sandstone has been split and tumbled, with every piece offering its own nuances and textural footprint. Loft will bring […]

Somerton Irregular for walls

Somerton Irregular Quartz Limestone is heavily crystallised; we love the way the quartz catches the light and reflects a subtle glow across a room. This creamy quartzite limestone cladding enhances different design elements in its space depending on its grouting and installation method. Whether grouted or dry-stacked, Somerton Irregular Walling adds warmth and subtle elegance […]

Shell Limestone for walls

This captivating South Australian limestone has a light cream colour palette with consistently even textures across its surfaces. On close inspection, you’ll discover a bevy of shells and fossil deposits that call to mind ancient scenes from our local coastlines. We offer Shell Limestone as Tuscan Rubble Cladding, where we combine a mixture of limestone […]

Calcia Linear Limestone for walls

This ultra-durable European limestone brings a sense of heritage to your spaces. Its dimpled texture was created using a number of surface finishes and traditional stone working techniques. Chunky split and tumbled, Calcia Linear Limestone comes in rectangular cladding tiles at random lengths across 300mm and 400mm course heights. Its versatile caramel colour palette features […]

Marco Irregular Quartz Limestone for walls

This striking blend of quartz limestone walling combines warm greys and dusty whites across its fractal sized quartz limestone deposits. Split faced and tumbled, its sides highlight the individuality synonymous with natural stone. These gentle tones lend themselves to both internal and external applications, from feature and retaining walls to facades. Available in both random […]

Oyster Limestone for walls

Oyster Limestone is extracted from a local Australian quarry and finished with a rustic edge. The Tuscan rubble limestone cladding comes in a mixture of thicknesses that can be laid in an informal strata format, levelling the horizontal edges where possible. A distinctive and beautiful stone, Oyster Limestone offers a distinctive colour range from taupe […]

Marco Random Ashlar Quartz Limestone for walls

Stacked limestone with white grout. The stone work pattern showcases an array of greys and features light brown tones.

Marco Random Ashlar Quartz Limestone walling boasts a distinctive palette of warm greys and dusty whites, featuring fractal sized quartz and natural limestone deposits. The split face and tumbled sides highlight the individuality that natural stone is known for. These subtle tones lend themselves to both internal and external applications, from feature and retaining walls […]

Moonta Irregular Quartz for walls

The wall choice for the truly bespoke customer, Moonta Irregular Quartz emanates a calming energy with a casual elegance that calls the Hamptons to mind. This natural stone walling is ideal for both exterior and interior walls; its striking textural features act as a point of intrigue as a standalone installation, yet its tonal palette […]

Everest Irregular Quartzite for walls

Reminiscent of an arctic icefield, Everest Irregular Quartzite walling features a sophisticated palette of whites and cool greys that can be heightened with touches of blue across your soft furnishings and finishes. Quartzite’s glassy lustre and unique veining adds a sense of purity to decor, and can be seamlessly installed where a plain white wall […]

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