Walling Shell Limestone for walls

Shell Limestone for walls

Stone colour: Cream white
Tile edges: Rustic
Walling: 35-60mm
Corners: 30mm (1 lineal metre of corners equals 0.3m2 wall facing)
Lead time: 6-8 weeks

Named for its rich fossil deposits, every piece of Shell Limestone contains a unique array of fossilised marine life from clams to corals.

This captivating South Australian limestone has a light cream colour palette with consistently even textures across its surfaces.

On close inspection, you’ll discover a bevy of shells and fossil deposits that call to mind ancient scenes from our local coastlines.

We offer Shell Limestone as Tuscan Rubble Cladding, where we combine a mixture of limestone cladding thicknesses to be laid in an informal strata format, levelling the horizontal edges where possible.

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