Walling Somerton Irregular for walls

Somerton Irregular for walls

Stone colour: Beige/cream
Tile edges: Split
Walling: 20-40mm
Corners: 20-40mm (1 lineal metre of corners equals 0.3m2 wall facing)
Lead time: 14-16 weeks (unless in stock)

If you’re searching for a tonal feature wall, look no further than this striking quartz limestone. Somerton’s cool tones are sprinkled with warm hues to complement a wide range of design elements.

Somerton Irregular Quartz Limestone is heavily crystallised; we love the way the quartz catches the light and reflects a subtle glow across a room.

This creamy quartzite limestone cladding enhances different design elements in its space depending on its grouting and installation method. Whether grouted or dry-stacked, Somerton Irregular Walling adds warmth and subtle elegance to its surroundings.

Its rough texture adds dimension to feature walls, facades and retaining walls, highlighting the limestone’s organic beauty.

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